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Kamis, Januari 29, 2009 @ 5:50 PM

When Love Going Wrong

Sometimes when we loved someone, everything has been changed. All the things seems beautiful. And sometimes we've get unusual strength who can across mountains and swimming deep into the sea to get our love.

But sometimes we've got egoist. Want to get more understandfull. At this time, the definition of love will be bluring.

We've get mad, perfaitic, angry, and feel so bad.

I dont understand why we should get this trouble? Because we loved each other. Our love is not just about love. But also respect each other, try to be patient, and keep our heart become one although we dissaperated across the ocean.

I know that u love me and also u know that i love u much. But why this is get into our situation?

You always said that we'll be partner forever. But now, you become my enemy?

This not about you. Not about me. Not about us. But this is about love.

Do you really love me?

Am I really love u?

Or this is all my fault?

Cause you finally know the truth that I just escape from a situation?

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Aluna Soenarto

22 female

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

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