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Sabtu, Februari 14, 2009 @ 2:36 PM

Just Maybe

Sometimes life doesn’t work in the right path. Sometimes destiny is far-far away from your stand and just difficult to reach them. Sometimes dreams can’t catch as easy as we can imagine in our mind. And sometimes we should lose someone who we loved because we can’t belong together.

Although we loved him. Loved him very much with all the witnesses and curious things. His jokes, his smile, his touch, his lips, his arms, his laugh, everything that he have. Or the times that we spend together. When I woke up in the midnight of the night cause miss him. Or if I sit in front of my laptop waiting his email who send in every two hours. Or if I get bad mood and he getting back my mood with the magic word “I will fly with 1st plane to going your way and bringing you here. So I can say a thousand of jokes with you in my arms.”

Yeah, yesterday is very perfect for me and him. But tomorrow always come. And we know that we can’t be together all this time. Although I want to spend rest of my life with him forever. But this is not make any sense.

We are different. We just have loved each other. And in the real word, loved is never enough for making two become one.

Besides, there’s something else that haunted me. About my past. About “the prince”. Yeah, I know it’s never easy to get out mind of him. He always around in my life. And I know if I can’t stop for loving him although I’m finally found someone else. But it’s just unreal love. He just my obsession and I know that I’ll never be together with him.

Cause I know without who I can’t life for…

And, right now, I’m lose him. Somebody who I can’t life without.

PS: I’m just thinking of our plan. About the trip. And how if we still together at that time? Maybe we can having fun there. Maybe… just maybe…

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